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JANOME Sewing Machines


Did you know that most of the big online sewing machine dealers are owned by men?  Men who do not sew.  Isn't that interesting?  We are women, and we sew.  We love to sew and some of us sew daily (the rest of us would like to sew daily).  If you call with questions, ask for Jacqueline who does ALL kinds of sewing.  If for some reason she is not available, you can ask for Chris, the owner, who used to sew clothes, but now just does quilting.  Anyone else would be happy to try to help you, or at least take a message, but their primary duties are on the quilt shop floor in our "brick and mortar" store.

If you are ready to purchase, go  here

If you do (or don't yet) love free motion quiltling, you will enjoy watching as our Joyce tried it on a 8200 for the first time:

Let me tell you about our favorite machines.  Until I figure out how to get the "add to cart" buttons in this part of the website, you'll have to go to the online store portion to actually purchase them.

JNH7700  aka the 7700.  This is the machine that used to be a candy apple red.  Now they are white.  We have one red one left that was the floor model.  If that's the one you want, please specify that.

We are a full service Janome dealer. We are in the process of getting set up to sell Janomes on the internet. FYI, certain models are designated to be sold online, and others can only be sold at a store. We carry both.

In the meantime, you can call and ask for CHRIS or JACQUELINE to get your best information. If you live in the Chicago area, come see us.

We are located at the intersection of Route 83 and Ogden in Westmont. That is also about two miles south of Oak Brook Mall. We are even open on Sunday afternoons, but not Mondays. If you would rather call first, the number is (630) 321-9051.

Janomes are great because you get much more for your money than the Euorpean brands and they almost never need repair. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have it serviced, just that they can take a lot of use.